Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Benjamin" & "Jillian" Heart Design

The names "Benjamin" and "Jillian", created in the shape of a heart. Created for a tattoo design.


Anonymous said...

can you make one for me. the names cheyenne and under it can you put a question mark. please and thanks

Emily said...

same question from me I'm afraid. Is there anyway you could make one for me with the name Benjamin on top, like yours, and the name Emily underneath. I've tried to do it by myself and it's a mess! thankyou x

Anonymous said...

This is Tiffany Harvey, the one that created this design, though I did not post it here, I just happened across the link. Click on my name under the pic if you need to contact me. You can leave a comment on the picture on Flickr, or visit to find my email.

Geraldine said...

Could you please make me one? I really love this design.
The names are Geraldine (top) and Robert (bottom).

Thanks so Much :)